Beliefs And Reality In Three Day Road By Joseph Boyden

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The Battle Between One 's Beliefs and Reality
“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny” (Mahatma Gandhi). Thought 's that one is extremely dedicated to and support are known as beliefs. Beliefs differ from individual to individual as they express one 's reasoning, way to deal with life and speak to the person. Beliefs can cause clash when reality is conflicting with them and may come about into one losing their ethics, a subject exhibited in the novel Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden, through the life of Niska, Xavier and Elijah.
Most importantly, Niska is appeared as an extremely solid,
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To determine, he did not like to be enlisted in residential school and was not enthusiastic about learning English. Demonstrated when Niska says to Xavier “’I came to ask if you would prefer leaving [residential school] and going into the forest to live with me.?’ [Xavier] did not hesitate ‘Yes, Auntie’” (Kimotowin Stealing 8). Xavier, much the same as Niska needed to proceed with his legacy and keep talking his own particular dialect, for which reason he got away from the school. Proceeding on, Xavier was extremely affectionate towards Lisette and trusted she felt the same way. In spite of the fact that, he discovers her with another man acknowledging she was only a prostitute and feels to a great degree bamboozled. Elijah knew this and said to Xavier “’You went to find [Lisette], didn’t you. I could have saved you the trouble and told you she was a whore, but you would have not listened’” (Ishinakwahitisiw Turning 20). Xavier was exceptionally harmed on the grounds that he genuinely adored that young lady and was sexually dynamic with her. His yearning for adoration was gone, and he did not get involved with another lady from that point. Proceeding onward, Xavier was longing to secure Elijah in every circumstance. He needed to ensure he was constantly sheltered, for which reason he could never allow him to be alone. Despite the fact that, towards the end of the war Xavier acknowledges Elijah is not the same individual any longer and has gone insane. Xavier says to Elijah “’You have gone mad. There is no coming back from where you’ve travelled’…. [Xavier] leans all of [his] weight down across the riffle. Elijah begs with his eyes…. the rifle in [Xavier’s] hands sinks down and [he] feels through the stock the collapse of [Elijah’s] windpipe under the rifle’s pressure. He goes still” (Nipiwin Dying 9-10). Xavier executes Elijah due to his activities and

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