Thomas Jefferson And The Revolution Of 1800 Essay

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Thomas Jefferson was elected to be president in 1801. Jefferson was built to be a political leader. At the age of 26 he sat in the chair of burgesses for six years, he was the governor of Virginia for three years and he also served as secretary of state for three years. Thomas Jefferson’s election as President was “The Revolution of 1800” because he cut back on spending, believed in states rights, and he wanted a small government which many would feel otherwise. Compared to George Washington and John Adams, Thomas Jefferson represented a real revolution. Jefferson and Adams would disapprove on many things, everything was an argument between them. They spent most of their political lives debating, disagreeing, and arguing with each other. Adams believed that the constitution could be bent and interpreted in a different from what was originally written. Jefferson didn 't believe what Adams did he thought the constitution was meant to be a strict guideline that was to be strictly followed. Thomas Jefferson’s political philosophy consisted of a small government, limited spending, states rights, and Laissez-faire. At the time there were at most 1,000 members in the government but, Jefferson believed that the less there were, the better. He believed that if there were less it was better because he had a enormous fear of power. Not only did he have fear in the executive branch but the legislative branch as well. However he was not ready to accept that he had the executive position…

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