Theu.s. Kennedy And Lyndon Johnson Essay examples

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Throughout the 1960s, politics were seen as an important civic duty for American citizens. It is during this time that the United States is rejuvenated after slowing down once World War II was over. The reason I find politics in the 19060s exceptionally intriguing is because a number of unprecedented events took place during this time. Coupled with the fact that there was a resurgence of importance of politics in almost every American citizen’s life, it is easy to view these distinctive events from several different perspectives including both positive and negative views. In particular, I found interesting the social and economic programs that were implemented under both John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. This is because while I was aware of their programs such as the New Frontier and the Great Society before we discussed them in class, it was not until recently that I believe I truly understood the impact they had on the rest of the 1960s. Most of all, the large success and admittedly some downfalls of Kennedy’s New Frontier and subsequently Johnson’s civil rights legislation are the programs I find most intriguing.
The presidency of John F. Kennedy from 1961-1963 is remembered and admired by many. This is largely due to the fact that Kennedy was extremely different from the nation’s previous president, Eisenhower. While Eisenhower was no doubt successful, Kennedy’s youth and charisma made him a popular choice among the nation. In relation to this, as discussed in the…

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