Theories Of Violent Victimization Theories Essay

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Theories of Violent Victimization
For this assignment I will analyze and elaborate on at least three victimization theories that relate to the scenario. In addition, I will analyze and justify a victimization theory that relates to the scenario and another that is not pertinent to the scenario. Too close, I will analyze and elaborate on whether Carla caused or was somewhat to blame for the crime that happened in the scenario.
After reading the scenario, the first theory that I would consider is the lifestyle theory. The lifestyle theory imply that people become targets because of how they live their life, and because of their choice to expose themselves to lawbreaking individuals, as well as conditions where crimes may be committed. For example, individuals become targets when they are out by themselves at night, live in neighborhoods that have high crime rates, hang out with known criminals, being immoral, and abusing alcohol and drugs. Furthermore, the lifestyle theory mentions a study that victims share character qualities, which are habitual law breaking, less education, and low self-control. However, the connection between victims and the offenders of wrongdoings are that they both display thoughtless and a lack of social skills. These actions could have something to do with their abuse since they cause people to put themselves at a greater risk for victimization than their more old-fashioned lifestyle counterparts (The Four Theories of Victimization, 2014).…

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