Theodore Roosevelt And Woodrow Wilson Essay

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Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, both becoming presidents in an era dominated by private trusts and powerful businessmen, sought to revive American Democracy from its ashes. Theodore Roosevelt, having a semi-conservative perception of monopolies, believed strong American Capitalism could let America compete with the other great world powers. Roosevelt also believed that small businesses should be able to compete with the large trusts, as long as they are aware of the sheer power of the trusts. Above all, however, Roosevelt stressed the importance of government intervention in America’s economics. Redefining the power of the president, Roosevelt established many government agencies and commissions to combat the power of the large conglomerates. Woodrow Wilson, having a liberal perception of monopolies, saw no advantage in one-sided economics. Wilson, instead, saw the value of the American producer, the craftsman that would invent and produce a product for the benefit of American society. Whereas Roosevelt strove for “healthy competition” in American business by limiting the power economic and political power of the malignant trusts with increased presidential and governmental authority, Wilson worked towards equality between businesses by stressing the importance of producers and “American Brains” while weeding out the trusts and monopolies all together. Seeing both the benefits and the consequences of monopolies in the Progressive Era, Theodore Roosevelt emphasized…

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