Themes Of The American Voice In The Scarlet Letter

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The American voice, a voice of freedom that enables an individual to rise above a Society and vocalize their thoughts without consequences. It is a unique combination of a society full of individuals; individuals from all over, living off a dream to make something of themselves. America is a country shaped by the people and their voices, speaking the truth of their adversities, battling society to be who they desire to be. Hawthorne captures the American voice eloquently through his stories; expressing how the Americans as individuals, could conquer prejudice societies through their action, rather than succumb to their hypocritical opinions. Hawthorne himself could truly capture the American voice because he, himself was an American man. …show more content…
A prominent theme, not only in The Scarlet Letter, but also Society would be innocence and sin. “A pure hand needs no glove to cover it” (Hawthorne 143,) while a guilty man cowards in the shadows, fearful of the impending consequences. Hester is notoriously known around town as an adulteress who wears her immorale fault upon her chest. However, over time Hester conceded to hiding the sin she committed: For Hester has grown canny because of it. Likewise, the theme 's innocence comes into play with Hester’s child, Pearl, who is an innocent being- created from a sin. Pearl had yet to commit a breach, unadulterated, unlike her mother. Another prominent theme in the novel is individual vs. society, which is an endless theme, that has applied throughout society. Hawthorne used Hester Prynne as a prime example to show how an individual can be belittled by society. She had been punished because of adultery: It “had been a sin of passion, not of principle, not even purpose” (Hawthorne 180), merely just a mistake. Forced to wear a scarlet A on her chest for the rest of life, as a reminder not only to herself, but to Society the truth of her imperfection. When in reality, Hester was a charitable, loving mom, who cared for others; which had been over -looked by many because her one fault. Through The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne symbolises the American voice and their discomfort through Hester and her life as an adulteress: Battling with Society as she tries to validate her

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