Themes And Symbolism In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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Symbolism is used in symbols to express or represent the ideas and qualities in metaphor, ideas, or imagery. It is a method which reveals the truth. The description of symbolism is a form of communication used to convey the meaning of symbols. Symbolism in a story is meant to be familiar so that the author’s message can be more understood. The lottery presents one with various symbols and attributes that later denote the irony of what “The Lottery” really is.

In a small town of 300 people, gather together on June 27. Children who just finished school ran around the playground and collected a pile of stones. Mr. Summers arrives with the black box, before anything else happens; Mr. Summers and Mr. Graves make a list of families names. When they are about to begin Mr. Summers ask if anyone is absent, and the villagers say Dunbar isn’t here. Mrs. Dunbar will draw for Mr. Dunbar. When everyone has a slip of paper, no one allowed to look at the slip of paper until everyone in the villages has drawn. Mrs. Summer finishes calling everyone names. Villagers were relief that they didn’t get the black dot, then everyone turns to Tessie and she immediately argues and says that it wasn’t fair because Bill didn’t have enough time. When the Hutchinson’s each have a paper, they open it. Tessie has the paper with the black dot. Tessie Hutchinson was sin the center of a cleared space by now, and she held her hands out desperately as the
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The character Mr. Graves is a symbol of death. In an article titled “The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Review - Symbolism”, the author points out: Mr. Graves is name of death foreshadowing the future outcome of “The Lottery”. It also symbolizes evil; Mr. Graves helps Mr. Summers prepare the slips of paper that will send one of the residents to his or her grave. In the story “Mr. Graves made up slips of paper and put them in the black box”.

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