Theme Of The Sun Also Rises By Ernest Hemingway

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World War I was the largest and deadliest war the world had ever seen at the time. Due to this many began to suffer from conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and or disillusionment after seeing so much death and experiencing traumatic situations during the war. This is shown in characters such as Jake, Mike, Brett and Bill from The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway is able to portray these characters as lost by making them wander aimlessly from place to place and also by filling the empty voids in their lives with alcohol and other meaningless activities to block out the outside world. One major way Hemingway is able to show that the characters are lost is through them drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Infact …show more content…
The way the characters wander without purpose from place to place like they are always on one huge vacation is an implication of how they are part of the “Lost Generation”. Characters such as Jake left Paris and went to numerous cities for weeks at a time without any concern of returning. This is a prime example as to how their lives are empty and that they believe moving from one to place to another will eventually lead them to finding some meaning in their lives. While the characters are away they usually attend a great deal of parties or in Brett 's case have a lot of affairs. Infact the characters spent one full week dedicated to partying during the festival of San Fermin. It was a week packed with fireworks, music, dancing, and bullfighting. The characters were mainly haphazard throughout this fiesta and never planned on doing anything except drinking and partying. Brett is also shown to be lost by how she is able to go from man to man without feeling any real emotion for any. When Count Mippipopolous asks her “You don’t remember anything about a date with me at the Crillon?”(Hemingway 54) and she replies “No. Did we have one? I must have been blind.”(Hemingway 54). This shows how she has been through so many that she is beginning to lose track. She manages to go from being married and abused to having an affair with Cohn in San Sebastian, to almost becoming Mike 's future wife and finally to lusting for Pedro Romero and going into a relationship with him. She always wants more and never feels as if she has enough since none of the men she 's with makes her feel special. They are all the same to her after they have sex which is why she constantly going from one to another. She is aware of this but still “can’t help it. [She has] never been able to help anything”(Hemingway 183) These are also ways of which Hemingway was able to portray the characters as lost.

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