Hypocrisy In Huckleberry Finn Research Paper

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Religion is considered a lifestyle for its followers, believing solely in its validity and disregarding reality. Beliefs based upon religion have been the root of numerous conflicts in the past, making excuses for lack of morality. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn religion is often satirized to show it’s irrational views. Huckleberry Finn, the protagonist, is brought up in a household strictly following preachings, yet is skeptical of it himself. Religion has yet to prove to be worth it for Huck, never seeing the outcome wanted after prayer. More so, religion did more harm than good, promoting immoral behavior as long as the bible is followed. Although Twain critiques the hypocrisy of society as a cause of immoral behavior, religion is actually more responsible for the immoral behavior as demonstrated through the failure to adhere to religious teaching, the justification of slavery, and the fact that superstition is more rational than religion.
Although society is hypocritical to those who do not follow a religion saying they are immoral, they themselves fail to practice what they
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Religious hypocrisy was a trait amongst most who practiced Christianity, claiming to be loyal to the teaching yet failing to adhere to them. Even with their actions, they still criticized those who did not follow what they did. In addition. society failed to notice their wrongdoings by supporting slavery, apathetic to the words about equal treatment and brotherly love. Superstition was common amongst those who did not believe in religion. Though often the superstitions were irrational, they proved to be more moral. No superstitions ever hurt anyone or condoned slavery. Religious beliefs were the center of all conflicts involving immorality. Religion proves to do more harm than

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