Theme Of Power In A Tale Of Two Cities

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“A Tale of Two Cities” is Charles Darwin’s way of telling the story of the French Revolution, and the different levels of power each social class held. Often times changes are made in societies, one was very necessary in this particular one and through this book, Dickens showed the reality of how making changes is difficult and there will be bumps in the road along the way. The peasants in France lived in horrible conditions and were treated like trash by the nobles and upper class. A few occurring themes in this novel are the need for control and power shown through Madame Defarge, the selflessness shown through Sydney, and the innocence shown through Lucie.
Pieces of Madame Defarge are in every person, the want for power, success, and glory. Power hungry people usually want what is fair and to give people what they deserve, in this case she believed it was fair to kill noblemen that were acting unjustly. From the beginning, Dickens lets the reader know that she is always knitting, but does not give a clear reason as of why she is doing it. “Knitted, in her own stitches and her own symbols, it will always be as plain to her as the sun. (171)” Eventually it is told that is she is knitting a code which can never be erased, names of people who the revolutionaries must kill. At first her need for justice is more
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Madame Defarge teaches that if you get so wrapped up in other people 's wrongdoings, you will not even be realizing your own. Lucie shows that sympathy, understanding, and compassion can go a very long way, and a few words can change someone 's life. Finally, Sydney shows not only how quickly someone’s life can turn around, but also how far a sacrifice can go. He gave his life for someone else’s happiness, and that is the greatest good that can be

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