Theme Of Identity In Brave New World

Aldous Huxley’s Brave new world portrays that citizens of their society must be highly controlled and regulated for it to be a utopia. This is portrayed through identity, community and stability in the reservoir.

The setting of Brave New World takes place in 2450 A.D referred as 623 year “After Ford” (Huxley 2). The view of identity describes how society must have the same moral in order to believe it can be a utopia. Identity is a key meaning of the World State’s Motto. “Community, stability and identity.” (Huxley 2) Too add, it is used as a method to adapt, so that individuals such as Bernard Marx, who feels more than minimum is made to be seen as an outcast. An example is when Mustapha Mond, the Controller for Western Europe distinguishes
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Individuals such as Bernard who felt passion, individuality and love, had a different perception of reality from the rest. Given that, he claims there is no freedom in this community. An example is when Bernard takes Lenina out on a date. In his helicopter Bernard insists on “[looking] at the sea in peace” (Huxley 79) with Lenina, showing his compassion and his affection towards her. Lenina on the other hand turned a blind eye, and went against Bernard’s wishes. She insisted on turning on the radio and leaving this terrible place, suggesting to go elsewhere or back to Bernard’s room. This date is an example of having no freedom in this community. In view of Lenina, her actions identify exactly how society wants her to act. Since she felt a slight detachment from the material world and thus, her actions was to attain material comfort and sexual satisfaction. She believes that if she had the pleasure with Bernard, not needing to think of her actions, nothing will go wrong. Therefore, life is civilized and is believed to think she is living in a utopian society. Another example of community is shown through John’s introduction to the reservoir. John is perceived as a savage not conforming to society and for having different opinions because he wasn’t controlled. He doesn’t believe that the civilized world is a utopia. John states “Reality, however utopian, is something …show more content…
This is demonstrated through what is defined to be taboo as well as the conditioning that all the citizens go through. “Individual identity may be erased, but through conditioning, a new, communal identity can be written over it.” (Huxley 12) Mustapha Mond (controller of World state) explains that with a society constructed by men, it will give the satisfaction for others to believe a utopian society will be brought upon them. Little do they know, the reality they live in was nothing real to begin with. “One egg, one embryo, one adult-normality [...] From eight to ninety-six.” (Huxley 5) Aldous discusses how these people are no longer born through natural birth. They are created through cloning in “Hatchery” (Huxley 12). Then they are conditioned in such a way that they are perfectly manufacture for the task they must fulfill to achieve a utopian society. Arguably, what the controllers so call a utopian society may not exist. Brave New World introduces a character from the Savage, who has seen life from a whole different perspective. For instance soma, a drug used to allow one to escape from misery, and pain without any effort required. In brief, it is a drug used by the people of World State to promote a superficial hedonism and alienation of real life. Furthermore, soma represents the use of religion to control society. "..There is always soma, delicious soma, half

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