Essay on Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Many people do not realize that power in a relationship and gender roles still exist and it is a controversial issue between men and women. Most people ignore or simply do not notice these gender differences. Women were always classified as being powerless in their marriages, politics, and the workforce. Also being seen as subordinate their husbands and are not worthy of making decisions. Seen as just a “mother” to stay at home and attend to her children all day, while the husband works to bring home the bread. Power is seen throughout everything such as relationships, work places, or at home. But who has the power over another individual (relationship wise)? Why does a “powerful” person feel like they have this power over another person? Throughout the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, power was presented through Janie’s relationships with her husbands. Although, gender roles have changed over time, they still exist today. Society (media, film, or art) still depicts social expectations on the idea of how to be a man or woman.

There is not an exact date of when gender roles and power roles came about because it was a learned behavior throughout different cultures and society. Margaret Mead, GIVE CREDIT, says “gender is a social construct specifying the socially and culturally prescribed roles that men and women are to follow.” Men and women may not even realize they are following these social construct on how they should perform depending on their gender. However, it is…

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