Essay on The 's People, By Nadine Gordimer

1506 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
Everyone sees the world in different ways. Your worldview is shaped by where you live and how you grew up. It describes the way that you perceive the world, and the issues surrounding it. This is especially true for our opinions of poverty. Because I have never experienced poverty, I cannot precisely describe what it is like to live inside it. While reading July’s People, by Nadine Gordimer, I gained insight and a new perspective on life in poverty and how to combat it. I discovered that poverty runs deep, deeper than just in a physical sense. It breaks down your entire person, both mentally and physically. Maureen is a perfect example of this. She was both physically and emotionally destroyed by the hardships she faces after moving into the village. July’s People caused my views on poverty to shift. I discovered that poverty will completely change in people and it affects everyone differently. Before reading July’s People, I assumed some things about poverty that are not necessarily true. I assumed that poverty is something you are born into. Rich white people are not normally the focus when you bring up the topic, although this is exactly what Gordimer writes about. When thinking of poverty, I typically think of a broken family living in the same situation for generation after generation. I think of them being poor, dirty, and skinny. I think of them being the minority. I think of them being quite pathetic. These are people I do not have constant contact or a great…

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