The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman And The Story Of An Hour

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The Yellow Wallpaper by author Charlotte Perkins Gilman and The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin were both wrote about human feelings, perspectives, and women’s points of view. Gilman utilizes her platform to explain the feelings of a person who suffered from a nervous depression condition. She used her feelings to express to society how to deal with the sickness. In contrast, both women’s characters deal with repression in different ways. In Kate Chopin’s story, Mrs. Mallard, who walked upstairs feeling vindicated in a personal victory believing her environment was changing for the better. However, she was confronted again, which returned her to a deathly state of mind. The narrator of Gilman 's story makes a tremendous effort to find release from repression. However, she accepts this freedom, but at the expense of her mental health.
One blatant contrast is Chopin’s literary techniques of projecting feelings from the use of imagery in her words along with descriptive sentence structure to draw the reader into the story. Gilman uses narration to make observations and freedom to make analogies from a far. In addition, Gilman’s literary techniques include using a woman’s perceptions to explain relationships through the eyes of a woman. In this passage, Chopin uses colors to help the reader see the feelings in her eyes and the patches of blue in the sky. With a powerful description that allows the reader to experience her pain while describing awful feelings of…

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