The Yellow Wall Paper By Charlotte Perkins

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Chauvinism People today in modern-society have no idea how unequal and injustice life was around the 1960s and even before that time period. One particular group that stood out the most, which were criticize, ridicule, and easily dismiss, were women. The women endure and fought so much for the ambition of one day to be able to vote, have freedom, and be equal as a man. “The Yellow Wall-Paper”, by Charlotte Perkins Stetson demonstrates how women were treated too delicately and too cautious to the point where the males kept them closed off from the outside world. Giving readers the aspect of how the existence of women were controlled by males due to their incapability. As a matter fact, in Mad Men, the Six Month Leave episode displays how replaceable and insignificant the role of a women was; the world revolved around business and men. These two works exposes readers of how women had to endure confinement, suppression, and were portrayed irrelevant roles by men. In “The Yellow Wall-Paper”, Jane is inflicted with the illusion that the wallpaper holds existence, but that is because her husband John has suppressed her from the outside world, which limited her to contact with reality and people. Jane lives in the 1892s an era where the ideal household was the woman stayed at home and cared for the children while the males went out to work, discover, and explored. However, Jane’s restriction to the outside world due to her “illness”, which was diagnosed by her husband, made her…

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