The Yellow, Diamond Shaped Gem Essay

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When I pressed the yellow, diamond-shaped gem to the crème-colored Crowning Cloth on the table, Law Nine resounded in my head - Twelvers do not deface or alter their bodies.
A strand of hair escaped from the Crowning Cloth on my head and fell across my cheek. I pushed it back under my Cloth. What would the leaders do if they knew I dyed my crimson hair brown?
“Ms. Katrina?”
“Yes Lily, and remember only the teachers and Primes call me Katrina. You can use Ms. Kati.”
“Oh, sorry, I forgot. Can I play outside now?”
“You must recite all of the Laws first.”
Lily grabbed the triangular material with the new gem I’d attached and rubbed her thumb over it like that might help her memory.
Girls received their first Cloth when they turned twelve if they knew the Laws by heart. Acceptance of the Cloth signified devotion to Twelvers and an agreement of purity until marriage. I had the Laws memorized before I started kindergarten, but it was all new information to kids like Lily, who had lived as Rebels until a year ago.
“I know you can do it, Lily. What comes next?”
Her face scrunched up in concentration as she tried to remember the Law that represented the ninth stone. “Law Nine.” My smile grew at her attempt to stall. “Yes, and that is?’ Her dark cheeks rose, forcing her eyes into a squint, as she peered up at me. “Violence is forbidden and warrants immediate expulsion from the Zone?” “Nope, that would be number ten.” “Oh yeah, wait, I got it.” Her face relaxed into a knowing…

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