Essay about The Writings Of John Updike

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John Updike
Did you know that John Updike wrote a 70 page mystery story when he was only 14 years old? He said that he wanted to be recognized while he was still living. This is why he worked so hard to get published at an early age. There are many other reasons why they should keep his place in the literary canon for today and future generations. One of the reasons he should be remembered is that he was talented in ¬¬multiple fields. Also, he was known as a universal writer. John Updike should be remembered for future generations due to his literary style, his personal background, and his many achievements.
John Updike wrote lots of different types of writing pieces such as novels, short stories, poems, and books which makes him an accessible writer. In an interview with Eleanor Wachtel and John Updike, when Eleanor Wachtel was giving a brief background of John Updike, she said that, “Updike has published seventeen novels, eleven books of short stories, five books of poetry, four collections of essays, a book of art criticism, and a memoir” (420). Since so much of his written work got published, this shows that he was a popular, prolific and successful writer. Since he wrote many different kinds of written work, people of many different tastes can read his work. Not all people like one type of written work; maybe some people like poems more than short stories or they like short stories more than poems. He should be remembered for future generations because he is a…

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