The World State Of Brave New World Essay

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The World State in Brave New World is similar to the Reservation because they both create an environment where an inhabitant must conform to their many rules and rituals. This is explored in Brave New World by the sex habits of both societies, the strange and sometimes harmful ceremonies performed by the two societies, the unfriendly tone these places have towards newcomers who still follow rules set by the other society. In Brave New World, the Reservation and the World State have sex habits that are very different of each other, and if a person does not share the habit that is considered normal for the community, then they are considered abnormal, and may even face greater consequences. Linda says, “For instance, take the way they have one another here. Mad I tell you, absolutely mad. Everybody belongs to everyone else-don’t they?… Well here, nobody’s supposed to belong to more than one person. And if you have people in the ordinary way, the others think you’re wicked and anti-social.”(page 81, Brave New World). In this part of the text, Linda is speaking to Lenina in a gossipy voice, and is trying to convey her astonished thinking at the people of the Reservation’s way of life. Linda is appalled at the sexual norm of the society, and thinks its absurd that the people here are supposed to stay devoted to one other person, and not be allowed to experiment, or have as many sexual encounters with as many people as they like. She is used to the social normality of…

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