The World Of Arts Are Based On Influencing People Essay

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The world of arts are based on influencing people. Whether it is intentional or not, the way the various arts emotionally move people speaks volumes. John Keats, who lived from 1795-1821, was named one of the greatest Romantic poets of his time by many scholars. Although, he died at a considerably young age, 25 years old, he published fifty-four poems, in three slim volumes( Keats and his works were criticized by others by considering him the “Cockneys School”, which were back then working class Londoners who were considered “low social class, lack of education, and vulgarity”(p. 404 ; sec John Keats). This did not stop Keats though from pursing his passion of writing about death, love, pain, and nature. After his death, thirty-five years later another famous poet was born. Emily Dickinson was a brought up Puritan who lived in Amherst, Massachusetts(p. 482 ; sec Emily Dickinson). It is believed Keats were among her prime inspirations. Dickinson was similar to Keats in different ways, including with their writing styles. Like Keats, Dickinson was not very liked by her peers and was often misunderstood as an individual. She pushed the boundaries for women writers of her time by not only her style of unconventional writing. She was very adamant about her work not being published. Fortunately, her sister, Lavinia found her poems and later edited them to be published. It is fascinating how one poet influenced another poet from a different generation. Both…

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