John Keats: Romantic Poet During The Romantic Legend

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John Keats: Romantic Legend
John Keats is regarded today as one of the most famous poets during the romantic age. He lived an unfortunately brief life of 25 years and received a great amount of criticism during it. His poetry was usually very sensual and his descriptive writing gave many readers strong vivid images to imagine. Keats’s influence mostly came from his school’s headmaster, John Clarke. Clarke became a father figure to John, believing in his academic potential and pushing him to pursue literature. Keats influenced other famous poets including Percy Shelley and Wilken Owens which had used some of his techniques and considered him as a role model. All in all, I consider Keats a pioneer because he wrote differently than poets in his
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There were many other poets that influenced him and his work like Edmund Spenser, John Milton, Hellenism, and Shakespeare. (The Influences on John Keats: Hellenism, Milton and Shakespeare) Keats was inspired by Edmund Spenser’s Faerie Queene to abandon his studies on becoming a surgeon and return back to his love for poetry and pursue it as his career. (Poetry Foundation) He used Hellenistic elements in his main text from his first few poems to his last. He aspired to be as great as his idols John Milton and Shakespeare and emulated a lot of their styles of writing in his journey to become a legend. (The Influences on John Keats: Hellenism, Milton and …show more content…
He had one of the greatest impacts on romantic literature and is looked at today as a legend. He influenced poets such as Percy Shelley and Wilfred Owen. Shelley was a close friend to Keats and they admired each other’s poetry. Shelley stayed with Keats’s family when he found out he was in Italy for his bad health. When Keats passed, Shelley wrote him an elegy called Adonais and when Shelley drowned himself a volume of Robinson’s poetry was in his pocket. Wilfred Owen, a great war poet, was probably the most influenced by Keats’s poetry. He really enjoyed the emotional aspect and vivid images Keats’s poetry gave his readers. Owen implemented these attributes to his poetry and others in the classic romantic heritage. Keats suddenly became Owen’s biggest role model and he started writing poems about him. Poems such as Written in the Woods and On seeing a lock of Keats’s hair were written as tributes to Keats for the influential style of writing Owen emulated from

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