The Word Scar : An Artifact That Reminds And Individual Of A Painful Experience

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To look deeper than what is in plainview can often be beneficial, when you are doing this you are using symbols. What comes to mind when you hear scar, red candle, and moon lady. Just hearing those words can sound like nonsense, but one must look deeper than the surface to fully understand.
Scar; an artifact that reminds and individual of a painful experience. The word scar has a different meaning to An-Mei this was one of the saddest days she had experienced during her childhood. Scar meant a door that she thought was forever closed. When An-Mei was a little girl she had a horrible incident happened to her. While sitting at the dinner table with her family (including her never-there mother), a huge pot of boiling soup that was rocking spilled onto little An-Mei’s neck. The pain she felt from that day was traumatizing. To make things worse there was already tension in the house, due to the fact that An-Mei mother decided to make an appearance after being gone for so long. Popo, which is An-Mei’s grandmother, was fed up with the fact that after bringing great shame upon herself [An-Mei’s mother] she has the audacity of telling An-Mei that she is her mother when she had never met or been there for An-Mei. Popo refers to An-Mei’s mother as a ghost, meaning she is there but never truly there. “I could not speak because of this terrible choking feeling. I could not see because of all the tears that poured out to wash away the pain. But I could hear my mother’s crying voice. Popo…

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