The Winter 's Tale And Ferdinand The Duchess Of Malfi Essay

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Women were overrepresented as “mad” or “hysterical” in society, but what of the men? Men were never deemed as such because that was just “men being men”. However, some British literature texts beg to differ, for example, most of the men who were extremely misogynistic start to develop a loss in their mental stability. A critical analysis of the characters Leontes from “The Winter’s Tale” and Ferdinand “The Duchess of Malfi” can attest to this male mental illness. Leontes and Ferdinand go through stages in which their misogyny manifest into madness. The first stage was demanding a specific role from women when seen in public, such as a being submissive, docile and promiscuous. The second stage was their control over the women’s womb and how it pertains to their lineage and social standing. The third stage is the male characters being trapped between illusions and reality, for instance, their illusions stems from women being overly sexual and the reality shows how flawed their delusions are. The fourth stage is ultimately killing off the female to seek validation of their male dominance. The final stage is the male characters’ total obstruction of self because of the disappearance of the female. The five stages represent male misogynistic madness that corrupts mind.
In the “The Winter’s Tale” one of the male characters who stand out in the play is Leontes. Leontes attitude towards women give the readers clues into his insanity. Leontes enters the first stage of…

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