The Wild And Wonderful Blacks Of West Virginia Essay

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The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia is a documentary in which explores the life of the White family. The White family is known around town for drug activity, forgery, embezzlement, armed robbery, and fights. Narrated by Mamie White, the oldest daughter of D. Ray and Bertie White, she tells the story of both the living and deceased family members. Her father, D. Ray, was a mountain dancing legend and patriarch of the family. D. Ray became famous before he was murdered in 1985 and was known as one of the greatest dancers during his time. Jesco White, known as “The Dancing Outlaw”, took on his father’s dancing style after his death. Mamie’s brother, Dorsey White, was shot in the face during a dispute with neighbors. He died by unintentionally shooting himself later on. Ona White, the daughter of D. Ray and Bertie, was murdered by her ex-husband Clyde Davis. Bo White, the daughter of D. Ray and Bertie, plays a part in her children’s lives (Kirk White and Derek Castle). Poney White, the only one of D. Ray and Bertie’s children to move away from Boone County, moved to Minneapolis to work and make a better life for him and his children. Though Poney did not make it past the seventh grade, he is one of the few employed White family members. In the documentary, his daughter, Virginia, mentions that she couldn’t obtain employment due to her last name prior to the relocating to Minneapolis. His son, mentions the mistreatment from teachers simply due to his family history.…

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