Essay on The Wife Of Bath By Geoffrey Chaucer

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The Wife of Bath’s Prologue is apart of a much larger story known as The Canterbury Tales, which is about a pilgrimage taking place between London and Canterbury. In the tale and prologue of The Wife of Bath written by Geoffrey Chaucer, a woman tells of her story about her life of being married five different times while expecting no judgment in her character. During this time, in the early 1400’s, it was unheard of for a woman to be open so freely to as many men as she pleased while in return she defended her actions by referring back to scripture. The Wife of Bath describes herself as a sexually hungry woman by also claiming she dominated her husband. The author Chaucer had created a world where he portrayed women as unfaithful, superficial, and as well as evil beings, always out to undermine their husbands. All of these ideas about women as a whole were used to support a hierarchy in which men dominated women. In the Wife of Bath the main character through dominance, sex, and marriage illustrates the opposite of a male-controlled society. The wife in The Wife of Bath is a very dominating woman and is the one who always wants to be in control whether if was through life or in this case, men. In the prologue she loves to talk about herself and her accomplishments she has made with how many lovers and husbands she has had. One thing is for certain is that the wife loves sex, declaring things such as planning to use her "instrument as frely as my Makere hath it sent” (lines…

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