Essay on The Weimar Republic And The Treaty Of Versailles

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The Weimar republic was created in 1919 with the abduction of Wilhelm II. This government signed the Treaty of Versailles which later on appeared to cause them problems as the people of Germany thought they had been betrayed by their own government bodies and stabbed in the back, also they signed the armistice, this was why they were called the November criminals. The problems associated with the Treaty as well as dissatisfaction in Germany for a new democratic government that was thought had a weak constitution doomed Weimar politically from the very beginning. To increase the hatred of Germans towards their new democratic government, the economic problems they faced which stemmed from a post war economy which made it almost impossible to bounce back and the signing of the Versailles treaty meant that they were also doomed economically. The consequences that the Treaty of Versailles had on Germany were liberating such as limiting the Germany army to 100,000 men and they were only allowed 6 battleships without any submarines or air force. In addition to that Germany lost all the colonies gained during Weltpolitik; they became the League of Nation’s mandates run by France and Britain. A large number of rich Germans who were living comfortably disliked the idea of the new government as it didn’t entirely favour them and they weren’t used to a democracy in which they have no idea how to operate the system but instead a dictatorship.
A number of arguments suggest that The…

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