The Way The Boarding Schools Treated The Native American Students

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The way the boarding schools treated the Native American students isn 't much different than the way the Nazi 's treated the Jews. The attempt to cleanse a race because another race and culture believed that they were inferior to all others is comparable to what the Native Americans suffered. I think that most people would say that the genocide of the Jews was different because it was on a larger global scale. Up until the day I watched the video on assimilation, I had never heard about the governments attempt to assimilate Native Americans to Western Culture. I have been learning about the Holocaust since I was in middle school but we never were taught about the attempt to “systematically bleach”, (Thompson, J) the Native American culture. In reality the acts of the Nazi’s and the U.S. officials that condoned the acts of the boarding schools and those that committed the acts are no different.

The Native Americans were forced to convert to Christianity under the new laws of the U.S. Government, which violated the 1st amendment rights the students were entitled to. The Constitution was signed December 15 1791, explaining the ten amendments that compose the Bill of Rights. The boarding school was breaking the law and the U.S. Government knew it. Stripping the students of their religion would assist with the erasing of the culture. Take away their language, religion and way of life, you have “systematically erased” what a culture consists of. This is outlined in the preamble…

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