Essay The Way People With Disabilities

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The way people with disabilities are portrayed on television and in film has a significant impact on how society views them. The television series ‘Glee’ is a popular show with a wide audience of viewers and numerous characters who have disabilities. Given Glee’s viewership, this show can shape how many young people view the disabled community. Therefore, I chose to explore Glee’s character Artie Abrams, a high school student who is bound to a wheelchair due an injury he sustained in a car accident as a child. Using the first season of Glee I’ve assessed the following: the portrayal of Artie’s character, his disability and how it assists in plot development, the use of stereotypes, and if the shows depiction of media in regards to characters with disabilities. Arthur “Artie” Abrams, portrayed by non-disabled actor Kevin McHale in the musical comedy series Glee, was introduced in the Pilot episode of the show as a guitar player of the Glee Club at William McKinley High School. Artie is in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury he sustained in a car accident when he eight years old. However, it was later discovered that his dream was to be a dancer and he joined ‘New Direction’ the dance team derived from the glee club. Despite his physical impairment and limited mobility, Artie puts his best effort forward. However, although Artie is a part of New Direction, it is apparent that his limited mobility prevents him from doing some of the dance moves his peers do. Thus, his…

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