The War Of Vietnam War Essay examples

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The Americanization was the period when the United States truly began taking over the
Vietnam War. President Lyndon B. Johnson began to release for the first time a juncture of air attacks and during the Americanization, this is when the war begins to escalate to a new different level. The Vietnam War had a great significance in the events that occurred in the United
States, this era was a period of development, movements, reforms, protest and great revolt.
Vietnam was central throughout all these occurrences.
President Johnson and his administration began to take the war to a different level, yet the military did not find the air war effective in Vietnam. The United States did not want to initially take over the whole war, yet they feared that the enemy would become too strong for the ARVN
(Army Republic of Vietnam) to counter. If it would come to this circumstance, then the United
States would utterly run the war to prevent the enemy from taking over.
Policymakers meet with President Johnson to discuss current policies in Vietnam and they declare, “Our current policy can only lead to disastrous defeat” (Buzzanco). The policy makers believed that they had to begin using the United States’ Military power to change the shift of the war and to eliminate communism.
The government in South Vietnam was non-functional; a clear example of this is that in twelve months, South Vietnam had eighteen different governments. There was no stability in
South Vietnam.…

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