The War Of The United States Essay

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Joseph Kennedy, United States Ambassador to England, in a speech on January 18, 1941, agreed with Roosevelt’s policy of aid to the allies. He thought the best way to reconcile the two sides of the intervention debate was to focus on what was best for the United States. He agreed with Roosevelt that aiding the allies gave the United States more time to rearm and reorganize military forces and supplies. For example, farmers could use the extra time to increase food crops and food surpluses. Industries could stockpile needed raw materials and refit assembly lines to manufacture tanks and planes. He agreed with Roosevelt that the president and military advisors should decide the amount of America’s aid and citizens should trust them. He argued, if Germany gets access to the British Navy, American could not defeat Hitler. He did not worry about Hitler attacking the United States in the immediate future. Hitler would encounter the same problems facing an American invasion of Europe, such as transferring troops and supplies over a rough ocean. In light of the Monroe Doctrine, Kennedy says the Americans and allies in the Western Hemisphere could defend themselves (source). He agrees with Lindbergh that Americans should not be afraid of Hitler. (source) However, he saw the best interest of America lying in aid to the allies, not in isolationism. He did not embrace the idea of sending troops. He wanted Americans to discuss and clarify their war aims before the…

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