The War Of The Civil War Essay

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There were approximately three million men who served in the armed forces during the Civil War. Although there were countless motives for soldiers to enlist in the Civil War, whether it be the draft forced them into combat or they voluntarily fought for their freedom, the reasons behind soldiers enlisting on both sides differed.” Just like the soldiers of every conflict before and since, the men who fought in the American Civil War enlisted for a multitude of reasons. To claim any universality for these soldiers and the divided nation they represented would be a mistake, with perhaps one exception — their expectations were vastly different from the actual experience of military engagement.”( Union soldiers fought to save the Union however the Confederate Soldier fought to defend his home and land.
The first draft in American history was instituted in April of 1862 by the Confederacy.( Due to the mere size of the south it was clear they would need to find all the help they could get, the draft targeted poor white men between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five, the draft exempted men who owned twenty slaves or more. More than half the Confederate soldiers were farmers, very few of these men came from different occupations such as carpenters, clerks, and blacksmiths. However, there were foreigners who fought for the Confederate Army, these ethnicities included, Irish, German, British, French, and Canadians. African American men also joined in the…

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