Essay about The Volkswagen Beetle

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The people’s car – generically, Volkswagen in German – is almost as old as the automobile, and the type was familiar in Germany long before the advent of the Volkswagen. Usually these “popular” cars were minimal cars, though size and simplicity did not necessarily bring them within the reach of the ordinary man in the street. Henry Ford did build a successful universal car, to sell at a low price, but his Model T with its 2.9-litre engine was by no means a small car, nor was the Model A that followed it. When it was in production in the late 1920s, small “proper” cars in Germany ranged from the 700-cc DKW to the 1-litre Opel, with small Adlers, the BMW Dixi (a license-built Austin Seven) and …show more content…
This was lighter than the then-common transverse leaf spring arrangement, but it meant that the wheels rolled with the body. In 1938 the first Beetle was produced. The original Beetle did not have a rear window, all it had was a piece of plastic with a tiny slit in it. The most unique thing about the Beetle was that the engine was in the back of the car. Whenever Dr. Ferdinad Porsche was making the Beetle he wanted more power to go up hills and through snow and other obstacles. So they decided to put the source of the power where they needed it most. (Beetle) By the end of WWII the Volkswagen factory in Germany was destroyed. At that time Americans were going to buy Volkswagen but they didn’t because of all the damage that was made by the war. It took a while but the factory was re-built and production of the beetle started again. At this time the first VW Beetle convertible was produced. Only 682 convertibles were made. Then in 1949 the Export Model was produced. The Export Model was the same as the old beetle but it had chrome trim, new colors, and the interior of the car was much better. It wasn’t until 1950 that hydraulic brakes were added. In 1952 the handy door on the glove compartment was made. A year

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