The Voices Of An Individual 's Identity Essay

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The voices we use every day may not seem to be of importance when thinking about an individual’s identity, however the human voice is something worth paying attention to. Some people have different voices that they use for different environments, while others have one main voice they use to communicate with people in their surroundings. In “Speaking in Tongues”, Zadie Smith explains the up and downsides of speaking with more than one voice, as it can either provide flexibility for things in life or come off as unauthentic for the speaker. Having many different voices can be a result of imitating languages from other cultures through memes, as people will tend to pick up on all different kinds of accents and languages and put them to their own use. Susan Blackmore’s “Strange Creatures” emphasizes the value and function of memes on human behavior, working to have any type of information replicated and spread through people in society. The voices that we all have and use are like memes in a way that they can be replicated over and over for someone to imitate when needed. In addition, voices like memes, have the power to control what our minds think or our bodies do in a situation. The voices we use may alter our cultural identity, as we tend to adopt or imitate a culture that is not our own to fit in social norms of a society. Therefore, everyone should stick to using one singular voice as a means of communication between others. Many people find it difficult to refrain from…

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