The Vietnam War, And The Vietnamese Call The American War Essay

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The historical event that Americans refer to as the "Vietnam War", and the Vietnamese call the "American War", was the US military intervention from 1955 to 1975. In 1945, Japan surrounded to the Allies. In Indochina, the Japanese allowed Ho Chi Minh to take control of the country which was called August Revolution.
An officer Lieutenant colonel named A. Peter Dewey was working with the Viet Minh to deport American hostages from the Japanese was mistaken for a Frenchman, and was shot and killed. He became the first American casualty in Vietnam. In October 1945, British troops land in southern Vietnam and establish a temporary government. The British free French soldiers and officials captive by the Japanese.
In February 1946, the French sign an agreement with China. France gives up its rights to use land or other property for a specified purpose in Shanghai and other Chinese ports. In exchange, China agrees to assist the French in returning to Vietnam north of the 17th parallel. Communist forces in the North were led by the leader Ho Chi Minh defeated the French in 1954. Agreements were negotiated that split the country into communist North and South, divided by a demilitarized zone. In December 1946, negotiations between the Viet Minh and the French break down. The Viet Minh are driven out of Hanoi, which is the capital of Vietnam into the countryside.

Countrywide elections to decide a permanent solution were promised but never happened, and within five years the…

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