The Victorian Er Bram Stoker 's Dracula Essay

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The Victorian Era
Bram Stoker wrote the ground-shaking classic and gothic horror, Dracula, during the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era is a time period of strict gender roles and a life regulated by religion. Women have specific duties that they must do in order to be accepted into society, such as being pure, serving her husband, and raising children. People in this time period were also required to have a close relationship with God and follow Christianity’s every rule. Throughout the novel, Stoker puts secret Easter eggs of symbolism in order to subliminally get these points across. The Victorian Era significantly influences the Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula because it instructs the audience on what to follow in order to be deemed acceptable in Victorian society.
During the Victorian Era, religion was not just a side hobby; it was a person’s entire lifestyle. Participating in religious activities like Communion and prayer were very important for a person’s image. In fact, it is so important that it is no wonder that Stoker stresses the importance of God and Christianity so heavily in Dracula. For one, Dracula sees himself as Christ. He turns people into his followers by making them drink his blood. In a way, it is a twisted sort of Communion. Communion is a Christian ritual where people drink wine and eat bread. The bread symbolizes the body of Christ and wine is his blood. The person, metaphorically, gains power from consuming the foods. When Dracula’s followers and…

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