The Victoria Secret Models As Idols Essay

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We see Victoria Secret models as idols. How thin they are, how tan they are, but we just can not get over how tiny they are. As for Adriana Lima whose five feet ten inches tall with a weight of 132 pounds! Who wouldn 't wish to be that beautiful and be paid for it or even just looked upon. Eating disorders are linked to vision cycles of social media, lack of mental health care, and it is a serious issue to be reckoned with.
It starts at a young age. Who knew you would hear a young girl as small as six years old saying she fears becoming fat, overweight, or obese when she gets older. When you see a six year old she is playing with her friends on the playground running to the swings and climbing on the slides the wrong way. Mothers, fathers, and family members give us Barbie dolls as young as three years old. We make that our first gidol. To the mind of a little girl she is the most beautiful thing to us, she is “tall” and beautifully slim with many attires. As we grow older our idols become bigger stars. We watch television like it is going out of style; from our favorite tv shows and top ten movies. We find new idols and stars we want to be like. For shows like friends when Monica was super over weight and dropped the weight in a season or two and became super skinny. Jennifer Anniston going on to movies like “She 's The One” “Along Came Polly” and her latest “We’re The Millers.” Jenifer Anniston was in Cosmo for multiple reason but being beautiful at thirty and flirty was…

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