The Vanishing Of The Honeybees Essay

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All around the world honeybees are vanishing at an alarming rate, according to the documentary Vanishing of the Honeybees. This film features two commercial beekeepers and their fight to preserve their bee numbers. David Hackenburg was the first commercial beekeeper to go public the bee population was decreasing. Approximately two billion bees have vanished and nobody knows the reason why. Honeybees are used all across America to help pollinate monoculture crops like broccoli, watermelon, cherries, and other produce. Without the honeybees the price for fresh and local produce would be too much money. According to this film, commercial bee keeper’s help fifteen billion dollars of food get pollinated by commercial beekeepers. Many people think that the cause of the conditional called colony collapse disorder is caused by GMO’s and pesticides.
Colony collapse disorder is reducing the amount of bee hives in America so significantly that some commercial beekeepers are having to import bees from other countries. Colony collapse disorder can happen instantly and all the worker bees will just leave the hive and never return. This has a negative effect on the economy, since many crops depend on the bees to pollinate the crop for high yields of produce. It is so hard to prove the cause of CCD because there are no signs of dead bees they just seem to vanish. The only survivors are the queen and the younger bees and these bees seem to be fine. Honeybees are very important for the…

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