Essay on The Values Of The United States

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The values of the United States of America have not always been what they are today. Equality, has not always applied to everyone, however, another value of the United States, progress and change, aided in the development of the value of equality for all. The following speeches: Maria W. Stewart advocates for the education of African-American women, Mary Church Terrell’s “The Progress of Colored Women”, and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan’s “Who, Then, Will Speak for the Common Good” show the increasing amount of equality and opportunities black women in the United States obtained and the United States’ progressing tolerance for them.
Maria W. Stewart, born as a free black woman, delivered a speech to the African American Female Intelligence Society, a group of free black women in Boston, at Franklin Hall, advocating for the education of African-American women. In 1832, free African Americans had little to no rights and still received treat as if they remained enslaved. In order to relieve themselves of oppression, Stewart emphasizes how free black women must seek education, for the welfare of themselves and their families. She uses emotion to emphasize how hard labor negatively affects the soul, saying that “…continued hard labor deadens the energies of the soul, and benumbs the faculties of the mind...” (Stewart). Choosing words that give off negative emotions such as “deadens” and “benumbs”, further proves her point that black women must educate themselves, if they want to…

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