The Value Of Individual Reparations Against Corporation Funding For Social Change

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This essay will assess the value of individual reparations against corporation funding for social change. In doing so this essay will address slavery outside of the plantations. It will specifically assess the long-term effects of socioeconomic slavery and how best to calculate and address reparations.
Should the U.S. government provide reparations for slavery? The answer to this is a definitive yes. The purpose of this essay is to determine how to scale this. It would require large scale funding with a daunting scope to repay individual inheritance, with interest, for slavery earnings. It is imperative to note, however, that slavery was not limited to plantations or to the nineteenth century.
Redlining, black mortgage contracts and segregated education have resulted in long-term socioeconomic slavery. This not bound to a limited timeframe.

For some, the concept of reparations is specifically relevant to slavery and the individual. This approach focuses on the human rights abuses that took place in the United States until 1865. This was a period of time so far removed that it creates impracticalities in calculating an appropriate compensation. Kaplan argues that “Traditional models of compensation rely on the notion either of returning victims to a status quo ante or of placing them in a condition in which they would have been were it not for the wrongs committed.” Yet how can one quantify a debt against current conditions? As Kaplan says, “many of the individuals who…

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