The Upstairs Room By Johanna Reiss Essay

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The holocaust was a horrific time period during the World War II. This was a time of fear for the minorities of the German race. The Germans would capture, torture and even murder the people. The holocaust did not only target German Jews, it targeted Jews from many different countries that the Germans controlled. The holocaust also did not only target Jews but it targeted other people as well. The book The Upstairs Room mentions a few big picture ideas, and involves other historical events throughout the book.
The Book The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss is about a little girl, named Annie de Leeuw. She is a Holland Jew during the time period of World War II. The de Leeuw family thought they were safe because they lived in Holland and Hitler only invaded Austria. Then as the story goes on Hitler starts to take over countries, the family and other Jews start to get worried. When the Germans invade Holland they start putting up notices for the Jew. The father started arranging places to hide for everyone, they could not all go into hiding together. The father went to a farm, while Annie and her sister Sini went with the Hannink family. Annie‚Äôs older sister stayed home to take care of their dyeing mother. As they are living with the Hannink family is nice and caring but are worried about being discovered that they send the girls to another family. They arrive at the Oostervelds who are a very good family. Then the Germans searched the Oostervelds house but Annie and her sister…

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