The Unspoken Sexuality : An Air Of Haunting Mystery Essay

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The Unspoken Sexuality in the Art of Ancient Egyptians
An air of haunting mystery revolves around the land of ancient Egyptians from their grand pyramids and dressed up mummies to their mysterious writings. However, there is a deeply ingrained sexuality within this ancient world that has not been portrayed as strongly in compared to the importance it partook in the lives of the ancient Egyptians. A profoundly religious people, the ancient Egyptians believed sex played a significant role in not only this life but moreover in the afterlife. Sexuality portrayed in art occurs as both candidly and symbolically. A considerable amount of their artwork reveals their philosophies towards sex within the realm of their gods, their journey into the afterlife, and their time spent on the earth.
The religion of the ancient Egyptians greatly revolves around the sequence of sex and birth. Throughout their temples and tombs exist symbolism of sexual acts. Sex created a mystical and magical facet to the ancient Egyptian’s beliefs. “According to Egyptian theology, the structure of a man is not limited to only his mortal shell and spiritual self, but is a complex and interconnected structure where his physical body, spiritual body, mental and emotional states play one off the other” (Ellis 23). They believed creation started with one god. “For the ancients, before all of Creation existed, there was chaos, what astrophysicists today call the ‘cosmic soup’. This ‘Nun’ contained the ancestral…

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