The United States Influence On The Caribbean Essay

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The United States influence in the Caribbean has effected the development of the Caribbean, especially that of the Caribbean country, Cuba. The Platt Amendment was a direct way for the United States to take control of Cuba’s political and military system. It also exposed the United States’ intentions of using Cuban resources, such as land ownership, as a source for political and economic opportunity. The United States however, has also indirectly controlled the Caribbean country using Cuban native elitists as politicians through the Cuban government, while working for the United States. In the years of 1880-1930, Cuba demands the right to reform and revolutionize its country as it gains independence from the United States. Although the Platt Amendment in the 1920’s tries to sanction the country, through the University of Havana and the effects of the World War 1, Cuba’s economy flourishes along with its’ people’s movements. The United States influences’ have only left Cuba to regain its’ independence as well as rebuild it’s economic, social, and political systems. The United States influences Cuban government through the Platt Amendment and weakens its economy through new trade regulations, leaving Cuba to transform its’ country and declare independence.
The United States’ attention focused on control of the entire Cuban country. In the late 1890’s, the Cuban government was influenced by politicians from the United States who purposely looked for educated, “white” elitists…

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