Essay about The United States Housing Market And Criminal Justice System

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The United States housing market and criminal justice system has experienced massive amounts of corruption. Racial discrimination still lives in this country, especially in the housing market. The most notable practice that reflects these views is racial steering. [GIVE DEFINITION OF RACIAL STEERING]This illegal practice still exists and is widely used in the banking and insurance industries. Racial steering is a major issue because this prevents multi-racial neighborhoods. The outcome for non-white residents is overbearing, because even though these individuals have the same financial capabilities to purchase in the same neighborhood, they are often denied simply because of their race. The United States not only suffer from large amounts of discrimination, but also from high rates of incarceration. The United States has the most incarcerated people in the world, the country currently hold five percent of the world’s population incarcerated. This issue is only worsening because of the lack of change in the system. Individuals are being charged for small crimes that they have committed, with little to no opportunity for probation, automatically booming the prison population. These issues have been present for decades now. Racial segregation and mass incarceration have led to many controversies and has led to social turmoil in the United States. In order for these issues to be solved, a course of action needs to be taken. Housing Segregation in the United States has been…

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