The United States Criminal Justice System Essay

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I could not imagine living in a country that did not have a criminal justice system. I would live my life day to day in fear of being hurt and not having anyone to turn to in order for justice to be served. I am glad that I live in an error where there is a criminal justice system put into place to try and ensure the safety of the citizens in the communities. Although it is not a perfect criminal justice system but it is still a system that works for majority of the situations that occur. The United States was not always a place that possessed a criminal justice system. It was not until the early 1700’s that the United Sates began to put a criminal justice system in place. The United States criminal justice system is composed of three main sections which are the police, the courts and corrections (Misis and Sabath, 2011).
When I think of the number 911 I have two different thoughts that come to mind. The first thought is that 911 is a telephone number that is used to contact individuals that can help me if I need them. The second thought that comes to mind is, the individuals that are sent to the scene of a situation may not protect and serve in the correct manner. In the year 2015, I wish that I would only have the thought of protect when I use 911 instead of doubt. In today’s society when people in communities think of law enforcement there is no faith because of the way there are conducting themselves when fighting crime.
The community that I think is affected by the…

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