The United States And The Soviet Union Essay

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Nationalism is a common centripetal force for states. Pride for a country’s history and culture is important, especially in an increasingly globalized and ‘flat’ world where folk culture can feel oppressed, but sometimes intense levels of nationalism prove to be more of a centrifugal force. Europe has an intense history surrounding the development of the state in according to different nations. Italy had to unify a number of very small nations to create a relatively new state while Germany was broken down into smaller states that necessarily didn’t correlate with their nations. Most European states are economically and geographically smaller than rising powers now such as the United States and China, posing a sizeable threat. In addition, unequal development throughout the 19th century between Western and Eastern Europe has pushed nations such as the Soviet Union and Germany to promote nationalist ideals to empower their people. This is particularly evident in Nazi Germany and Lenin and Stalinist USSR where both ruled in a totalitarian fashion. Their histories are very different as well as the circumstances that led to their regimes at a similar time. Both Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany reached a similar totalitarian, corrupt, dictatorship, but their motives and methods to achieving this were different and unique to their position on the European stage.
The Soviet Union under Lenin tried to implement Marxist ideals and create a communist country. Initially his efforts were…

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