Essay on The United States And The American War Of Independence

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The United States is fundamentally run under the idea of human rights. The government of the United States is set up through a democratic system where the majority of the power held within the country lies in the votes and voices of the public. This idea of democracy was not always the bread and butter of United States government, but has been an improvement and adjustment of the beliefs of the people. Many british influences agree that the United States government is a reflection of the British Government. Before the signing of the United States Constitution, the American war of independence, and this whole idea of Democracy were put into effect, the United States were essentially made up of 13 colonies under the Control of the British. Many British documents such as the Magna Carta and developments such as The Enlightenment have influenced the formation of the US government by providing the ideals of a fair, strong, and structured government. These documents can be considered the basis of American Democracy. The Great Charter also referred to as the “Magna Carta” was declared and signed in 1215. The Charter was an influential part of british history and worldwide gift of the rights, liberty, and equality of all people. This document was the offspring of barons who were being heavily taxed and unethically used by a corrupt king known as King John the Second. King John was the ruler of medieval england from 1199 to 1216, and did not provide england with a healthy economy…

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