The United State Of America Essay

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The United State of America was founded, because the colonists wanted to escape tyranny and they wanted religious freedom. The Pilgrims came to America from Europe to have religious freedom before the United States was even established. The United States today is home for so many different religions and people who believe different faiths. An episode, from PBS, called “Of God and Caesar” is the sixth and last episode of a series called “God in America” and it goes into how religion can affect politics. Even though it says in the first amendment of the United States constitution that there should be a separation of church and state. The video shows that some beliefs can affect politics and it can affect the agendas some people have while they are in public office.
The video mainly talks about Evangelical Christians in the Republican Party. In the early 1900’s the evangelicals were not in politics. They believed that the church should stay out of politics, but when the 1960’s happen they felt that America was becoming more secular with all of the drugs and hippies. The event that made the Evangelicals start being involved in politics was in 1973 when the courts decided to legalize abortion. The Catholics were the first to protest the decision, but then the evangelicals started to protest. The ministers even started preaching sermons about abortion, which before these events the evangelical ministers said, ministers should not preach about politics. The first presidential…

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