Essay about The Union League Of The United States

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The Union League was a group created for the benefit and advancement of the rights of freedmen. The Union League consisted mainly of African American freedmen, with representative which were either black or white. The Union League is debated on how effective it actually was. The Union League in my opinion was effective in integrating African Americans into the American society, however not effective for its intended purpose which was to protect the rights of equality for freedmen.
The Union League formed when the reconstruction of the United States began, shortly after the Civil War, but ended quickly too. The Union League’s goal was to protect and maintain the rights promised to freedmen in southern states where political battles were formed over the rights of freemen. Different sectors of the Union League would meet usually during the night, to discuss current news, plans for the group to accomplish and education. One of the main goals for the Union League was to get African Americans to vote for Republicans which favored the rights of African Americans, and would work to protect their rights. The Union League would organize groups to go into major towns together to cast their ballots for safety from terrorist groups like the KKK, which worked to discourage and stop African Americans from voting. Most encounters the Union League met either from the city’s police force, militia or KKK was peaceful, however violent events did occur where gun fire broke out with lives lost.…

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