The Uk And The Usa Essay

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According to Pitts (2008), the UK and the USA have seen dramatic changes in the economy which have greatly affected many families residing in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. In particular, the BME community has seen an increase in their young males left redundant and stagnant at the bottom of the social class ladder and excluded from the values of society. In their response to their lack of status, respect and power with frustration, black youths have ostensibly resulted to anger and also the formation of alternative values that endorses and normalises gang membership and violence (Pitts, 2008). Likewise, the gang can be seen as a place for gang members to express their masculinity. Although the research on gangs and masculinity is limited in the UK and USA (Stretesky and Pogrebin, 2007), both Oliver (1994) and Miller and Decker (2001) claim that young males can express their masculinity through gang membership and violence, especially when opportunities to follow prescribed masculine roles are denied. Also, Decker and Van Winkle (1996) claim that the gang is central to the lives of gang members and it greatly influences their personality and shapes their collective identity.
Within the gang, research in the UK and the USA suggest that young people claiming to be involved in gangs are more likely to participate in gang-related activities and more violent behaviours than individuals who do not (Bennett and Holloway, 2004; Bradshaw, 2005; Howell, 1998; RCMP, 2006; Sharp et al,…

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