Essay about The Types Of Eating Disorders

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As various will know, insecurities have been around since the beginning of time, people have always tried to hide their flaws and change their looks. However, a great deal of these beautifying methods tend to be dangerous and some will have negative long lasting results. These methods include anything from makeup, to cosmetic surgery to starvation Among the several dangerous mental health illnesses, eating disorders are classified as being one of the deadliest. An eating disorder happens when the brain and body’s signals, and the eating behaviors of a person don’t match. Even though the United States has over 10 million people suffering from an eating disorder, only about 10% are actually diagnosed and receive proper treatment. The eating disorders that will be mentioned bellow, are extremely complex for of the fact that these disorders not only affect the mental health of the patient, but also the immune, digestive, skeletal and cardiovascular systems. There are three main types of eating disorders, and in this paper I will explain what they are and how they affect an individual.
The first and most common is called binge eating disorder. This is when an individual will eat excessive amounts of food in a limited time without purging afterwards. Since an individual with this disorder can appear from normal weight to extremely obese, the diagnosis is hard to make. About 3.5% of women have this and about 2% of males will have this, and it occurs in all races and ethnicities.…

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