Due Process Model

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Review Questions
What are the two models of the criminal justice system that Packer identified? Describe each model.
The two models of the criminal justice system that Packer identified are the criminal control model and the due process model. The criminal control model helps to reduce or stop crime in society through apprehending and punishing those who commit crimes. The due process model tries to protect suspects from errors and the abuses that can occur in the system, seeing the criminal justice system having many errors that could occur as suspects are arrested and sentenced.
What is community policing?
Community policing is the assigning of the same group of policemen to a particular area so that they become familiar with the residents
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I feel the most important criminal justice model is the crime control model. The crime control model helps to capture and punish criminals. With proper punishment for criminals, more people would deter from crime, and crime in society would reduce. This is also good for the due process model, because if crime society is reduced, more resources can be used to prove the convicted person as innocent.
What factors do you think influence whether a police officer arrests a person or not?
Many factors can influence whether a police officer arrests a person or not. The aggressiveness of the person is one of the biggest factors in arrests, as the police officer may feel threatened. Having a police officer feel less in control could definitely lead to an arrest. The obvious evidence could also lead to an arrest, as the evidence could point directly to the person. Other factors, like the type of crime, the stress the officer is under, and if the person is a minority, could lead to arrests as well.
Do you think community policing programs are useful at deterring and reducing crime? Why or why
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Community policing programs may make people more vulnerable to their neighbors, as their community is watching for criminal behaviour. Having exuberant community neighbors may make people feel like they’re being stalked, and are defenseless against these people without looking suspicious of crime, which may encourage crime in rebellion. Police-community relations programs take a more relaxed position to viewing law enforcement. They allow citizens and community members to see law enforcement as other people, at their level. Actually knowing that law enforcement is there for protection rather than conviction would help deter and reduce crime to avoid damaging any emotional bonds between the community and law

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